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Are you considering adding a full body shower to your Master Bathroom or possibly adding a Jacuzzi style tub?

Replacing Your Bathtub Or Shower

The shower and bathtub in your home are designed to provide excellent durability for years of worry-free use. Over time, however, the years of wear and tear can cause issues to arise that may require a repair or replacement. The most common of these are cracks or leaks developing in or around the shower or tub. When this happens, be sure to call an experienced plumbing professional right away.

Does Your Tub Or Shower Need To Be Replaced?

In our over 70 years of experience, we have found that most shower and tub replacements are done for aesthetic reasons more often than for functional ones. However, it is possible for your shower or tub to become damaged and require a replacement.

A faulty shower or tub can cause significant water damage, making them potentially structurally unsound or unsafe to use. Leaks can also result in serious damage to your home and lead to the growth of harmful mold and mildew.

When this is the case, a complete removal of the old shower or tub and the installation of a new one may be required. Doing so will stop any further harm from occurring within your home and reduce the risk of injury.

In certain instances, when the damage isn’t too extensive and does not present a safety concern, a minor repair may be sufficient to restore the shower or tub to good working order. Repairs to minor leaks can be completed quickly and inexpensively, and even minor cosmetic flaws can be corrected.


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Founded in 2017, Elevation Plumbing and Heating began as a way to help those affected by storms and flooding in Colorado. Guy and Tim enjoyed the work so much, they chose to stay on and open a business. They are genuinely committed to serving the citizens of Broomfield, Arvada, CO. Both of our founders have worked in this industry since 1998, first in the residential area and then in commercial plumbing services.

As local plumbers, we are specially equipped to understand you needs. We know the weather and how that affects your pipes and fixtures. Our staff can provide heating and cooling services year-round as needed.

Call 720-242-6205 to schedule an appointment with your local plumber in Broomfield, Arvada, CO.

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