Guy was absolutely incredible. The day after Christmas at around 1pm I noticed that my sprinkler valve outside the house had cracked even though I shut it down properly for winter. Turns out the valve in the basement that feeds water to my sprinkler system was shot and was letting water through. I was freaked out because the low for that night was to be 17 and I was worried it would lead to extensive damage if left un-fixed. Guy picked up the phone and came to the house within 30 min, confirmed the problem and offered to come back at 6pm that night to fix it. We ended up shutting the water down and doing it the next morning. He also asked if I wanted to replace the main valve in my basement which was also extremely old. All said and done, he was extremely reasonable in his pricing and I hopefully have peace of mind for the lifetime of the house. He was fast and gave me a run down of the new valves he installed. He also quadrupole checked everything before leaving. He was fast, courteous and reasonable. Can't recommend Elevation enough.

Gian Visciano